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Canandaigua, NY

I feel better and far more active than I ever have. I consider my physical therapy sessions with Limitless to be an essential part of my life.
At just 73 years old, David received a lung transplant due to the inability to breathe without the help of an oxygen tank. Prior to his surgery he was wheelchair bound and incredibly limited to any normal daily activities. After the surgery, David did not want to go back to being imobile, he wanted to turn his life around and focus on rebuilding the muscle strength and mobility that he once had. David knew that the pain killers were just “masking the pain,” and the unsupervised gym workouts were making things worse. 


Each appointment is one step closer to accomplishing your goal of wellness.
At the age of just fifty years old, Tim received devastating news from his doctor that inevitably changed his life; Tim was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. At the time of Tim’s diagnosis he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “how can this be happening to me?” he thought. The cancer was progressing and time was of the essence, so Tim’s doctor scheduled him for Robotic Radical Prostatectomy to remove his prostate and lymph nodes. Post surgery, Tim continued to experience extreme pelvic pain and other complications from surgery. After speaking with his doctors, Tim was referred to Limitless for pelvic pain physical therapy. The symptoms that Tim was experiencing resulted in daily discomfort and constant frustration, his doctors said that this pain could last for at least 2 years.


Henrietta, NY

“Prior to my injury, I had no past experience with a Workmen's Compensation injury. After working with Limitless, they made the process so easy.
As a busy working Dad, Bert works long hours on the road as a truck driver. One evening after a 14 hour drive, Bert stepped down out of his truck, slipped and twisted his knee. The pain that Bert felt was intense, he immediately knew something was wrong. Fortunately, Bert was able to call for help and get home to rest his knee. The next morning, Bert contacted his company and they directed him to Limitless for a triage visit.


Victor, NY

I finally felt like myself again, my leg is stronger than ever and I was able to return to my normal routine at the gym in just a few weeks!
As a busy mom, Martha couldn’t imagine getting injured. She is constantly on the go, between driving her daughter to gymnastic lessons and competitions to all of the other things on her to-do list. Unfortunately for Martha, the inevitable came true one afternoon where she fell and sprained her joint located on the outside of her femur. Life was already a balance, and now this injury made life much more stressful and held Martha back from being her best. 


Geneva, New York

Dr. Lindsey and the Team at Limitless helped me gain my confidence back, I can now walk without being fearful of falling.
Born and raised in Geneva, NY. Denise Parks married and started a family. Now at 61, she discovered that she was having unusual balance problems. Denise would find herself randomly falling for no reason, luckily, these falls never resulted in serious injury, but they certainly could have.


Buffalo, NY

After a lifetime of shoulder dislocations, I’m now stronger than ever thanks to Limitless!
An empty nester, with kids in college, Sofia had just started to refocus her life on traveling, a busy job, and building her strength through Crossfit when an injury derailed it all. Life had become a balance between the goals she had, and the injury she had to work around, making it more and more difficult to exercise and make progress towards fitness goals.


Rochester, NY

I knew that this injury was going to derail me. I count on running to keep me mentally and physically fit.
Loreen is in her late forties, she is a beloved wife, care-giver and dog-mom who has a passion for running. She quickly noticed how beneficial running was to her mental health as well as her physical health after her first time training. Shortly after Loreen Studdley moved to the Greater Rochester Region, she suffered an injury that inevitably threw off much more than her balance. 

limitless Rochester

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