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Pelvic Health

Leading treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, obstetric pain and dysfunction, pelvic pain, and incontinence in men and women.



Each appointment is one step closer to accomplishing your goal of wellness.

At the age of just fifty years old, Tim received devastating news from his doctor that inevitably changed his life; Tim was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. At the time of Tim’s diagnosis, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “how can this be happening to me?” he thought.  The cancer was progressing and time was of the essence, so Tim’s doctor scheduled him for Robotic Radical Prostatectomy to remove his prostate and lymph nodes. Post-surgery, Tim continued to experience extreme pelvic pain and other complications from surgery. After speaking with his doctors, Tim was referred to Limitless for pelvic pain physical therapy. The symptoms that Tim was experiencing resulted in daily discomfort and constant frustration, his doctors said that this pain could last for at least 2 years.


Moments prior to Tim’s appointment, he couldn’t help but feel anxious and nervous but Dr. Autumn quickly put his anxiety at ease with her compassion and knowledge of his condition. At the end of Tim’s first appointment, he left feeling understood, his plan of care was clear and he felt a sense of hope. 


“Dr. Autumn thoroughly explained each phase and technique of treatment prior to being initiated. Autumn constantly explained the goal of each technique and she constantly monitored any discomfort that I was feeling. Over the course of my treatment plan, Autumn communicated with my team of cancer doctors making sure that my PT treatment was reinforced with my treatment goals of my cancer team.” 


Since Tim’s first initial treatments with Autumn, he has seen and felt significant improvement in his level of pain and discomfort. Tim’s treatment plan focused on several different areas, each one of those specific points of pain were carefully treated with exercises and stretches that Tim could also perform from home.    


I continue to see positive gains all because of Autumn, I have placed all of my trust in her and the success that I have seen so far has given me peace of mind knowing that I made the right decision going to Limitless for my treatment plan.” 


After an incredibly stressful and emotional diagnosis, Tim is on the road to recovery from his diagnosis with cancer and post-surgery. Autumn provided Tim with a sense of comfort and encouraged him that patience and hard work will bring positive changes and encouraged that progress will happen over time. 


“Each appointment is one step closer to accomplishing your goal of wellness.” 

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Specific Pelvic Health

Specialize in expert physical therapy assessment and treatment of women’s and men’s health issues, pelvic pain, incontinence, musculoskeletal pain, and pregnancy-related pain and dysfunction.
Fecal Incontinence (Men)
The leakage of stool may be a result of weakness in the anal sphincter.
Urinary Incontinence (Men)
The leakage of urine is most common in men following prostate surgery. The prostate provides support for the bladder and urethra.
Pelvic Pain, Urinary Retention, Constipation (Men)
Often a result of imbalances of the muscles surrounding the pelvis, including the pelvic floor muscles.
Obstetric Pain (Women)
Pain during and after pregnancy is very common due to hormonal effects on supportive structures, swelling, and a shift in a woman’s center of gravity.
Incontinence (Women)
Incontinence or the leakage of urine or feces may be caused by weakness in the pelvic floor muscles, and poor muscle balance in the abdominal and hip muscles.
Pelvic Pain (Women)
Often a result of imbalances of the muscles surrounding the pelvis, including the pelvic floor muscles.

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