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Feeling off balance or dizzy? Afraid of falling? Stop these two issues from interfering with your life and get the results you deserve with physical therapy.


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Dr. Lindsey and the Team at Limitless helped me gain my confidence back, I can now walk without being fearful of falling.

Specific Balance/Dizziness

Unsteady Gait
Are you experiencing instability while walking? Our certified vestibular physical therapist can assess your condition and help you regain a healthy gait.
Neurologic Disorders
Neurologic Disorder physical therapy encompasses specialized comprehensive evaluation and treatment by our certified vestibular physical therapists of individuals with movement various problems often times due to disease or injury of the nervous system.
Vestibular Rehab
Schedule and meet with either of our two certified specialty-trained vestibular therapists to improve your overall balance and reduce further problems related to dizziness.
Dizziness can be very uncomfortable and make you feel unsafe throughout the day. We can evaluate the possible causes and provide vestibular rehabilitation to get your confidence back!
If you have suffered from a concussion recently, you have likely realized how complex the injury is. Let us help you with the physical recovery which may include neck pain, dizziness, balance difficulties, and other injuries you may have sustained.
Many things can cause decreased steadiness including weakness or deconditioning, neurologic disorders, the vestibular system, and pain. After an examination to evaluate possible causes of an unsteady gait, we will provide an individual plan of care to address deficits and improve balance!

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