Canandaigua, NY

I feel better and far more active than I ever have. I consider my physical therapy sessions with Limitless to be an essential part of my life.

At just 73 years old, David received a lung transplant due to the inability to breathe without the help of an oxygen tank. Prior to his surgery he was wheelchair bound and incredibly limited to any normal daily activities. After the surgery, David did not want to go back to being imobile, he wanted to turn his life around and focus on rebuilding the muscle strength and mobility that he once had. David knew that the pain killers were just “masking the pain,” and the unsupervised gym workouts were making things worse. 

“I felt so weak and lazy and I lost total independence. My energy level was low, I gained a significant amount of weight which didn’t help my breathing problems, and my stress and anxiety was through the roof.” 

David decided to take matters into his own hands, and through the grapevine he heard that Limitless was the place he needed to go to receive honest one-on-one treatment. David called and scheduled an appointment with Brooke, our geriatric specialist. Brooke established a plan of care that focused on David regaining his strength, balance and endurance. In addition, Brooke defined David’s baseline targets and goals and established his understanding of his physical limits. 

“Dr. Brooke listened to my problems, I felt confident that Brooke understood what I needed and together we came up with a resolution.”

David’s treatments were tailored and designed for long term outcomes, not only did David work on his strength but also his personal confidence. David comes to Limitless on a weekly basis, he understands the benefits of staying active and how much this has improved his physical, mental health and it has also improved his social life.

“Limitless is now an essential part of my life, remember physical therapy is a journey, not necessarily just a destination.”

Do you have an injury like David? Let’s break your limits.