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Work-Related Injuries

Work injuries are extremely common. We accept all Worker’s Compensation plans and have a specialist just for you. Get back to work without pain faster with physical therapy.



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“Prior to my injury, I had no past experience with a Workmen's Compensation injury. After working with Limitless, they made the process so easy.

As a busy working Dad, Bert works long hours on the road as a truck driver. One evening after a 14 hour drive, Bert stepped down out of his truck, slipped and twisted his knee. The pain that Bert felt was intense, he immediately knew something was wrong. Fortunately, Bert was able to call for help and get home to rest his knee. The next morning, Bert contacted his company and they directed him to Limitless for a triage visit. 


“I was in the office at Limitless within one hour, and Dr. Rob assessed my knee injury.  After a thorough exam, Rob informed me that the ligaments in my knee have been damaged and that I did indeed need surgery.  Rob was then able to refer me to a local orthopedic surgeon.”


Prior to Bert’s initial visit, he was extremely worried about the Workmen’s Compensation process. We assured him that our Patient Care Coordinator team would clearly explain all of Bert’s benefits, and that we would work directly with his Safety Manager to make sure that he understood every step of the process. The Orthopedic Surgeon office that we referred Bert to effectively managed his case very efficiently, promptly getting approval for his MRI, and they were able to schedule his surgery right away.


“Post surgery, I worked with the team at Limitless to get my knee moving again. Rob and I worked together to build my strength back in my knee so that I could confidently go back to work.” 


After Bert’s sessions were complete, he was able to build up his strength in order to prevent further injury and so that he can safely get in and out of his truck.


“Prior to my injury, I had no past experience with a Workmen’s Compensation injury. After working with Limitless, they made the process so easy. I couldn’t be happier with my outcome, I’m back to work and don’t have any residual symptoms following my surgery and therapy.”


Do you have an injury like Bert? Let’s break your limits.

Specific Work-Related Injuries

There are many types of injuries that can occur in the workplace, setting these injuries to the wayside can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating.
Functional Capacity Evaluation/Functional Job Analysis
We work directly with HR and safety directors to come on-site in a functional job analysis targeting lifting tolerances and make recommendations for improved ergonomics. Additionally, we can provide FCE services at your request.
Pre-Employment Physical
We work directly with HR and safety directors to provide a comprehensive pre-employment, post-offer physical. The service is slightly different than a typical work-related physical. We will analyze the functional job analysis, and create a physical to determine worker Readiness related to the physical demands of the job. This service is extremely helpful in preventing work-related injuries.
Employee Wellness Programs
We work with HR, and safety directors, to help Implement comprehensive employee Wellness programs. These programs consist of ergonomics assessments, group exercise, nutrition counseling, and really how to improve overall morale.
Workman’s Compensation
We accept all major Workman’s Compensation Insurance programs and we’re glad to help you navigate your insurance claim. Whether you’ve experienced a major injury, surgery, or are just having pain related to your work, we’re glad to help you through the process and get you back to work safely.

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