Buffalo, NY

After a lifetime of shoulder dislocations, I’m now stronger than ever thanks to Limitless!

An empty nester, with kids in college, Sofia had just started to refocus her life on traveling, a busy job, and building her strength through Crossfit when an injury derailed it all. Life had become a balance between the goals she had, and the injury she had to work around, making it more and more difficult to exercise and make progress towards fitness goals.

“A labral tear and loose shoulder joint allowed my shoulder to dislocate 11 times throughout my life. The last time needed to be fixed surgically.”

After a lifetime of shoulder dislocations, a labral tear, and subsequent surgery left Sofia looking for options. Sofia was referred to Limitless by friends at her Crossfit gym and scheduled an appointment with Dan, our athletic injury specialist. Dan immediately established a plan to get Sofia back in the gym, and on track to achieving her goals. Using hands-on therapies to decrease pain and improve mobility, Dan helped restore normal range of motion, and strength to the joint, getting Sofia back on track.

“They not only helped me rebuild my shoulder after the surgery, they gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to be successful beyond therapy.”

With treatments tailored to the long-term outcomes she was looking for, Sofia is now back at Crossfit and stronger than ever. Her shoulder no longer limits her, or keeps her from doing what she loves in and out of the gym.

Do you have an injury like Sofia? Let’s break your limits.