Rochester, NY

I knew that this injury was going to derail me. I count on running to keep me mentally and physically fit.

Loreen is in her late forties, she is a beloved wife, care-giver and dog-mom who has a passion for running. She quickly noticed how beneficial running was to her mental health as well as her physical health after her first time training. Shortly after Loreen Studdley moved to the Greater Rochester Region, she suffered an injury that inevitably threw off much more than her balance. 

Loreen took off for an easy 10 mile run one afternoon and upon approaching mile 6, she realized something was wrong. Her foot started to ache, and this pain was unusual and something that she had never experienced before. Due to the intense pain that she was in, her only option was to call for help. After nearly a decade of running, she had never once needed to call for help. 

“At that very moment, I knew that this injury was going to derail me. I count on running to keep me mentally and physically fit.” 

After many years of running, this injury left Loreen looking for help. Loreen was referred to Limitless by her foot doctor and scheduled an appointment with Dan, our athletic injury specialist. Dan immediately established a plan to get Loreen back on the road and ready to crush her distance time. Using hands-on therapies to decrease the acute symptoms in her foot while also performing some strength training exercises, together Dan and Loreen worked to restore her strength again. 

“I hit the jack-pot with Limitless! My plan of care was clear, strategic and achievable.  I knew that Dr. Dan was going to get me back to running as soon as I could.” 

With Loreen’s tailored treatment plan, she understood the importance of starting slow and eventually building her plan up in order to receive lasting results and a total fix. Loreen is now fully recovered and back to running five miles a few times a week with no pain; she is officially back to doing what she loves!

Do you have an injury like Loreen? Let’s break your limits.