Victor, NY

I finally felt like myself again, my leg is stronger than ever and I was able to return to my normal routine at the gym in just a few weeks!

As a busy mom, Martha couldn’t imagine getting injured. She is constantly on the go, between driving her daughter to gymnastic lessons and competitions to all of the other things on her to-do list. Unfortunately for Martha, the inevitable came true one afternoon where she fell and sprained her joint located on the outside of her femur. Life was already a balance, and now this injury made life much more stressful and held Martha back from being her best. 

“I was pretty much in denial because I just didn’t want to deal with it. I didn’t need this setback.” 

After Martha’s visit to urgent care, they provided a brace that was inadequate and too big and instructed Martha to wear the brace for two weeks without bending her leg, and then for another two weeks at a 90 degree angle with crutches. Something didn’t feel right to Martha, so she reached out to Dan for a second opinion. Rest assured, Dan established a plan of care for Martha to get her back to her normal routine as quickly as possible. Using hands-on therapies to decrease pain and improve mobility, Dan helped restore normal range of motion, and strength to the joint, getting Martha back on track. 

“My biggest takeaway was relief! Dan and the team at Limitless assured me that I was going to get back on track fairly quickly and that my injury was not as extreme as the folks at urgent care made it out to be.” 

The treatment plan that was established for Martha provided her with much relief, she knew and trusted that she would return to her normal daily routines without the limit of pain and a brace.

Do you have an injury like Martha? Let’s break your limits.