With every new year comes new resolutions. For many people, those resolutions include an increase of physical activity. Perhaps you want to spend more time at your local gym, or you want to make an effort to go on more runs around your neighborhood. Perhaps you even have a long-term goal, such as training for a marathon or becoming a cycling instructor. Whatever your physical motivation may be, it is important to make sure that you remain healthy and safe throughout the process.


At Limitless Physical Therapy, we want to help you get the most out of your resolution. Below are 3 exercise tips that can help you as you make the lifestyle changes you desire:

1. Begin with a strong foundation.

Preventing injury always starts at the base. It is important to wear the proper shoes for your gait, height, and weight, also taking into account your fitness abilities. What you wear on your feet doesn’t only protect the feet themselves, but they also provide needed support for your joints and can help you maintain proper posture while performing your exercises.

Shoes aren’t the only things that contribute to a strong foundation. As you age, changes in your inner ear may cause challenges to your balance. When you struggle to maintain balance during exercise, it is likely that you will perform them incorrectly. Physical therapy treatments are designed to address both your footing and your balance. By consulting with a physical therapist, you can help create a strong foundation for yourself in order to prevent injuries during exercise.

2. Practice proper form.

No matter what type of physical exercise you partake in, form is a crucial part of it. Proper form could mean the difference between physical progress or injury. Your ability to safely perform any movement is reliant on great posture and proper body positioning. 

A physical therapist can also help you improve your form during exercise by addressing any issues you may have while sitting, standing, twisting, bending, running, jumping, or lifting. Your physical therapist will create targeted exercises and stretches for you to improve your form and limit the amount of impact on your joints. 

3. Maintain a healthy weight.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, every pound of excess weight a person carries exerts four pounds of pressure on that person's knees. Therefore, if you are 10 pounds overweight, that equates to 40 extra pounds of pressure with every step you take. Because of this, many people who are overweight will experience issues with their joints. 

With help from a physical therapist, you can set up an exercise regimen that will help you shed some pounds and maintain a healthy weight, taking off the added stress. Your physical therapist will customize an exercise plan for your specific needs, which may include stretching, aerobic exercise, weight training, or pain relief treatments if necessary. This will help in reaching your targeted weight and decreasing pressure on vulnerable parts of your body.

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The process of reactivating yourself, especially after a period of inactivity, can be thrilling and daunting at the same time. When your body is unconditioned, it is physiologically different from a conditioned body. Your metabolism slows, your bones become weaker, and your muscles shrink due to a phenomenon known as “sarcopenia.” This can increase your likelihood of becoming winded or injured during a workout.


However, our trained physical therapists at Limitless Physical Therapy in Victor, NY, can help get you back on track! Getting back into an exercise regimen can be challenging to do on your own, and it can be difficult to figure out where you should begin. After an evaluation with us, we will create a specialized treatment plan that fits your needs, and we will provide encouragement and support during every step along the way. If your New Year’s Eve resolution revolves around getting more exercise, no matter what that may mean for you, we can help you get there. Ring in the new year the right way, and schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists today!

Live Limitless.