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Some of these problems are related to musculoskeletal misalignment, poor posture, and/or excess of weight; others occur as the result of natural aging or unhealthy habits.  By implementing some of or all of the below interventions in a customized treatment plan, our physical therapist can help YOU get back to regular exercise in a way that is safe and effective for you, based on your current abilities. 

5 reasons you should consider physical therapy for knee pain!


This is especially helpful if you’re currently on a weight loss journey, since being overweight is a major risk factor for knee and hip pain.  We invite you to call us and find out how we can help!  

Martha's Journey to Becoming Limitless After A Knee Injury

Martha M. is a Victor native, loving wife and a busy mom with a very hectic schedule! She has an incredible passion for decorating especially around the Christmas season.

It was the beginning of December in 2020, when our friend Martha was preparing for the upcoming holiday season, it was time to decorate for Christmas. Although Martha and her family planned to cut down their tree that weekend, she figured she would get a head start on the decorations and decorate the rest of the house.

She had retrieved all of her decorations from the attic, and her step stool from the garage in efforts to reach areas that she naturally couldn’t.

It was around 4 o’clock when Martha decided to call it quits and start preparing dinner when she hung her last garland strand of garland around her front door frame. Martha dragged her step stool outside to her porch to hang the garland, when she reached too far and lost her footing. Before she knew it, Martha was sitting on the porch in pain.

After a few moments, Martha realized that she jammed her leg and seriously injured her knee. 

After Martha fell, she limped into her house to call for help. She was in complete denial, she was so mad at herself for being so careless and since the holidays were around the corner!

With little hesitation, Martha’s husband drove her to Urgent Care for answers or lack thereof.

The Doctor that Martha saw took a few X-ray’s and diagnosed her with a sprained joint outside of her femur bone. They then provided Martha with a knee brace and crutches, little did she know that these two were not going to help her.  Martha quickly lost her patience, her knee was not healing and she was eager to get back to normal. 

With little hesitation, Martha called Limitless for a second opinion. Upon Martha’s initial evaluation, Dr. Brooke immediately knew that Martha’s initial treatment plan that was provided by urgent care was not necessary and was ultimately going to set Martha back. 

“The biggest take away that I felt was RELIEF! Brooke assured me that we would be able to get me back on track fairly quickly and that my injury was not extreme.” 

Martha is finally ready to finish decorating for Christmas. The plan of care that Brooke created for Martha was specifically for strengthening her leg muscles and building up the muscles surrounding her knee. Since Martha was so busy, she came in for in-person visits with Brooke and then he provided her at home exercises as well.

As issues dissolved throughout Martha’s treatments, her knee strength improved tremendously and the pain was non-existent.

Throughout Martha’s time at Limitless and working with Brooke, she was so happy with her decision to get a second opinion, she only regrets not going to Limitless from the get-go. 

Martha was now so much more confident, she no longer had a fear of falling. 

She mentioned how important it was for her to get back to doing what she loved to do which was decorating for Christmas and getting back into the gym.  In the end, Martha left her last appointment with more confidence than ever before, she was not only steady but incredibly strong and no longer fearful of falling Martha was finally able to finish decorating just in time for Christmas and she was able to go skiing with her family for New Years without any pain! 

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The sooner you seek physical therapy for knee or knee pain, the better. Research shows that patients who rehab their  knee pain with physical therapy within 15 days of symptom onset have less need for pain injections, medications, or surgical intervention.

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