Dealing with Balance Issues? Find Relief with Physical Therapy

Say Goodbye to Balance Issues with Physical Therapy! 

Folks of all ages can experience a near fall or serious injuries from the result of a fall. This inevitably can lead to reducing ones quality of life and increase the fear of potentially falling again and heightened anxiety and loss of independence. 

This month we will be sharing with you Denise Parks story and how she has overcome balance issues and has become progressively stronger by staying dedicated on her journey to healing. 

How to Stay Steady When Your Balance is Totally Off

Born and raised in Geneva, NY. Denise Parks married and started a family. Now at 61, she discovered that she was having unusual balance problems. Denise would find herself randomly falling for no reason, luckily, these falls never resulted in serious injury, but they certainly could have. 

Denise was living in a consistent state of unsteadiness, feeling uneasy and unsure. She felt much more comfortable staying put; getting up and moving around was too risky for her, Denise said “it was best that I stay out of my own shadow so that I wouldn’t trip over it.”

In efforts to prevent a possible future injury, Denise realized that she cannot continue to live her life in fear of falling. She began to notice that she was limiting herself from her normal daily activities. 

It’s Time For A Change

After Denise tried to balance herself by walking with a cane, and purchased shoes with better tread with hope that they would provide her with more support...nothing seemed to help.  Denise realized that it was now time to seek some help. 

After a short visit with Denise’s ENT,  Dr. Kaza; Denise was referred to Limitless to see Dr. Lindsey Chase. Denise was thrilled to know that Dr. Lindsey specializes specifically in balance therapy which is exactly what she needed. 

Initial Evaluation

Upon Denise’s first visit to Limitless, she immediately felt comfortable and welcomed.  She loved the open space where she noticed everyone was encouraging one another and working together. After Dr. Lindsey showed Denise around the office, she led her into one of our private patient rooms to talk to her in further detail about the problem that she was having. 

Dr. Lindsey began testing her balance, eye function, strength, sensation, and inner ear function to reveal the root of Denise’s problem. After the tests were completed, Dr. Lindsey came to the conclusion that Denise was having vestibular, or inner ear difficulties.  Dr. Lindsey and Denise decided that they will work together on not only Denise’s balance issue, but also on improving her overall strength as well. 

Towards the end of Denise’s initial evaluation, Dr. Lindsey couldn’t stress enough how important it is that they work together to get her back to living her normal life. Dr. Lindsey expressed to Denise that no one should have to limit themselves from doing what they love to do because of a physical limitation. Denise agreed, and they scheduled her follow up appointments. 

Plan Of Care

The plan of care that Dr. Lindsey created for Denise was specific to her deficits and challenges, and they decided on two visits per week. Sessions focused on balance function, especially in similar conditions in which Denise had lost her balance in recently, functional strengthening exercises, and vestibular function.  In addition to inhouse therapy, Dr. Lindsey provided Denise with a few at-home exercises as well. 

As issues resolved throughout Denise’s treatments, her balance issues had become less frequent to non-existent and her muscles in her hand and legs were progressively getting stronger. As strength and balance increased, Denise was becoming more and more confident, and less fearful of falling. 

Throughout Denise’s time at Limitless and working with Dr. Lindsey, she was able to reflect upon a few important points that she wanted to share. Since Denise lived in Geneva, her drive to Victor was not the fastest commute but she said that it was worth the drive, time, and effort to get there. She mentioned how important it was for her to feel comfortable in the space she was going to spend so much time in.  Denise loved the support that she felt from not only Dr. Lindsey but from the rest of the P.T.’s and other patients. 

From Off Balanced to Steady & Strong

In the end, Denise left her last appointment with more confidence than ever before, she was not only steady but incredibly strong and no longer fearful of falling. Denise’s balance and strength issue’s are officially behind her, she is now looking forward to an active summer ahead!


Live Limitless.