Millions of individuals struggle with arthritis pain and stiffness. There are several important steps arthritis sufferers can take to relieve achy, stiff joints. Physical therapy can be part of an effective plan to ease the pain while remaining active. Call Limitless Physical Therapy Specialists today to find out how a physical therapy program can lessen or even eliminate your arthritis pain!

Why Choose the Right Foods?

Nutrition can play a crucial role in easing arthritis pain and discomfort. Besides avoiding MSG, refined carbs, and sugary foods, which can increase inflammation, you'll want to add these great tasting foods that can help ease your arthritis pain.

  • Soy - High in protein and low in fat, soy is a great tasting way to fight inflammation. You can get your soy through tofu, soy milk, and roasted soybeans.
  • Broccoli - Broccoli has an ingredient called sulforaphane which may slow or even prevent osteoarthritis. Broccoli is great hot or cold and in salads or casseroles.
  • Ginger - Ginger may be able to help reduce inflammation and alleviate arthritis pain. It also adds incredible flavor to almost any food including soups, fruits, veggies, and meat.
  • Walnuts - Like fish, walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can reduce inflammation. Walnuts can be eaten alone or added to almost any sweet or salty dish.

Why Stay Physically Active by Using Physical Therapy?

While exercise won't reverse arthritis, it can help slow its progression and ease painful symptoms. Sticking with a regular exercise routine that's provided by your physical therapist can also help you shed a few pounds, which will ease the strain on your joints. A physical therapist can show you several types of stretches and exercises that address your areas of pain. Physical therapy may also help you avoid taking excessive amounts of medication to reduce pain.

A physical therapist is trained to evaluate your condition and provide the correct exercises to meet your needs. Exercise during physical therapy may also include aquatics. Working out in water provides exercise that is soothing and non-impact. A physical therapist may recommend a heated pool to help relieve pain in arthritic joints.

Why Work With a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapy treatment program can ease the pain from arthritis and help improve your daily life. Working with a physical therapist can help with the following:

  • Strengthen Muscles - Muscles that surround and support aching joints can help limit arthritis pain when they're stronger and more flexible. Physical therapy techniques can be used to increase strength.
  • Increase Range of Motion - A physical therapy program can help keep muscles and ligaments loose and reduce stiffness. This will lessen pain and improve your overall range of mobility.
  • Learn to Use Devices Correctly - A trained physical therapist can help you learn to use orthotics, walkers, and other assistive devices correctly. This will help lessen the strain on joints when you move.

What Methods Can a Physical Therapist Use?

A qualified physical therapist may use several treatment methods to help relieve arthritis pain. A physical therapist might use massage to loosen muscles and tendons that surround arthritic joints. Physical therapy might include the use of ice packs and ice baths to reduce inflammation. Your physical therapist may also use heating pads as well as other heat methods to loosen tight muscles. Physical therapy treatment may also include laser or ultrasound treatment.


A qualified physical therapist can put together an individualized program to help reduce your arthritis pain and keep you as active as possible. Physical therapy is an excellent way to keep your joints, tendons, and muscles working together efficiently. Contact our Victor NY office to see how physical therapy can help you live a pain-free life!

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