Mike D. -

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Mike D.

I have rehabbed with Dan and the team at Limitless PT many times over the past 10 years or so. 3 knee scopes, a shoulder repair, several episodes with my lower back, and currently as I come back from a total knee replacement. As a CrossFit athlete and Lacrosse Official my goals for my rehab are a bit different than many folks, and I feel I have always benefited from the personal attention I am given not just during each appointment, but more importantly during the planning of the entire rehab from start to finish. Dan and his team make sure I am doing what I am supposed to, and make known what I should steer clear of. I trust Dan and his staff to explain my rehab plan, so I can be back on my feet in the shortest time possible, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Also, my son and daughter during high school in Victor and into their college athletic careers, as well as my wife on several occasions have seen Dan for back pain, sports injuries and post surgical rehab. Whenever someone in the family gets hurt, one of the first thoughts is “when can we get into see Dan at Limitless PT?