Dr. Dan Bajus



Specialty Focus Areas

Dan has an intense passion for promoting a narrative of empowerment and resilience to his patients. He believes that his main purpose is to provide conservative and natural healing solutions to all individuals by creating a custom plan of care. Furthermore, he feels that no one should have to miss out on doing the things they love to do because of a physical limit. 

Dan uses a wide range of treatment approaches in efforts to promote positive adaptations that will improve any individuals ability to manage/prevent injury and the variability of everyday life.

Dan lives in Victor with his wife Bethany, and three boys-Micah, Nathan and Jadon. There is nowhere else that Dan would rather be then sitting sideline at his boys sporting events or in the audience listening to them play in the school band and orchestra. Then, rarely when there is any downtime, Dan enjoys an evening out to dinner with his wife Bethany.