Ciara Rosato -

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Ciara Rosato

Ciara Rosato, Sales and Marketing Director,

Ciara grew up in Canandaigua where she was known for her athleticism in soccer and track. She took her personal drive for success to Liberty University in Virginia where she received her bachelor’s degree in Communications. After moving back to the area, she met her husband, Sam, while playing on their church softball team – she had never played softball before then.

“Challenge yourself. Life is about taking healthy steps to grow on a personal, spiritual and professional level. Taking the leap to play softball for the first time sure worked out in my favor, just like making the decision to care for your body will work out for you!”

After living in the beautiful north country for three years, family brought her and her husband back to the Rochester area once again. She enjoys helping others and seeing growth in all aspects of the lives of the people around her, which is why we entrust her with our customer service and marketing initiatives.

Ciara loves building friendships, exploring the outdoors, hunting, and spending time with her family and golden retriever.