Leah F. -

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Leah F.

Following several knee surgeries in the past 10 years, I am no stranger to PT. I could not be happier in finding Dan and his entire team at Limitless PT. I have recovered with them during back pain, after a shoulder surgery and most recently after a total knee replacement. Not only did I feel like a person instead of a number, the whole team is engaged in your care. All of the staff is well trained and always committed to your success. The team will push you to your limits, but they are ever so respectful of your own personal recovery benchmarks. I have gotten to know many patients here and have watched the process on young and old alike. I could not be happier with my outcome or the Limitless PT team. I feel better than ever. At 6 months out, I feel like I am 90% back to where I was 10 years ago!