Holly Werner -

What's your limit? Get back to doing what you love!

Holly Werner

Holly Werner, Care Coordinator, holly.werner@limitlesspts.com

Holly grew up in Penfield with her five siblings where she spent most of her life wrestling with her older
brothers and all of high school playing soccer. She has always been known for her “small but mighty”
attitude being just a hair shy of 5 feet tall.

Holly graduated from Byrant & Stratton College with her Associates in Medical Administration. She was
chosen to be a Spirit of Excellence Ambassador and later nominated as a Student Bright Spot for her
desire to help others and academic excellence.

“I have a great passion to help patients feel better and receive the best possible care. I take pride in being
the care coordinator and having a part in helping patients achieve their goals and get back to doing what
they love.”

Holly now lives in Lima with her husband Eric and daughter Magnolia. She enjoys date nights and
watching movies with her husband, swimming and shopping with her daughter, fishing and shooting at the
range during the summer, and spending time with her family all year round!