Charlene Merritt, Personal Trainer Victor

Charlene Merritt, Personal Trainer,

Living a healthy lifestyle and being fitness-focused is something that began two decades ago for Charlene Merritt when she was a competitive bodybuilder. Through the years Charlene has had the privilege of coaching people from all walks of life. She has worked with the elite athlete, to the person recovering from injury. She has been lucky enough to teach many different modalities including Spin, Kickboxing, Bootcamps and many more.

Charlene channels her passion to help others achieve their goals. Whether it be gaining muscle, losing weight, getting stronger, or becoming the greatest weekend warrior, Charlene knows first-hand how to transform your body and mind.

“I understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. I was not a natural athlete when I started and have never been the type of person who “can eat whatever they want.” I’ve had to control my diet like most people and built my physique around learning the balance between food, weightlifting, and cardiovascular exercise; skills and knowledge that I love teaching and sharing with others.”

Nothing makes Charlene happier than seeing a client’s face when they achieve a personal best! Those are the moments that continue to inspire her to inspire others. Achieving your personal best is her goal, because the moment you WIN, she wins.