Limitless PT: COVID-19 Update -

What's your limit? Get back to doing what you love!

Limitless PT: COVID-19 Update

Your Care is Essential
We’re committed to providing you with excellent value!

Physical therapy is considered an essential healthcare service and we will continue to provide care to meet the needs of new and current patients as long as we feel it is appropriate. We are currently accepting appointments for necessary one-on-one in clinic appointments and are also now offering Telehealth services.

As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or a computer with a camera, you have what it takes for a telehealth appointment.

Our team is ready to help you live your life without limits right now! We are committed to providing excellent value to you during the time you spend with us – even if it is virtual!

While every insurance is different, we promise there will be no surprise billing. In fact, most insurance companies are covering telehealth services in full right now.

Feel free to call our office at (585) 869-5140 with questions about your insurance coverage, to schedule an appointment, or you can book an in clinic or telehealth appointment by filling out the form below.

Stay healthy and safe!

-The Limitless Team